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Garzoni’s Villa  and  Garden is an example of the commitment of Gruppo FBH in the real estate management and development.

The real estate eighteenth-century complex  located in Collodi includes Garzoni’s Villa, said also “of a hundred windows”, and the historical Garzoni’s Garden, celebrated in the  poem “Le Pompe di Collodi”.

Characterized by its high historical cultural value and built in the typical style of Lucca’s villas, the architectural part is referable to the late baroque age, result of different projects by Romano Garzoni, Ottaviano Diodati, and Filippo Juvarra, and it has remained unchanged through centuries, permitting until today to taste an atmosphere of times gone by.
 Subject to a recent  preservation and restoration and being accessible to public, the historical Garzoni Garden, according to the baroque beauty, offers a great example of Italian garden, built to astonish the visitors with the impressiveness and the elegance of waterworks, of sculpture groups, of magnificent plants.
It can be considered an example of safeguard, preservation and development of a cultural heritage from a private citizen in partnership with Monuments and Fine Arts Office.

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