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Our group is active on the market of logistics since the end of the sixties: during the last 40 years we have been leading characters of the evolution of this sector. We have always pursued the mission of competitiveness and profitability during times, and therefore we have constantly evolved our business. Italy represents the most extraordinary natural platform for logistics so we have chosen to invest in big logistic parks. Since markets have highlighted that our productive sector needs, in order to be competitive, also and above all strategic value with respect to business goals, optimization of distribution flows and raw materials, they have justified great investments in the logistics sector. By following this line, the property part of the group has been developed. To be at the supply chain management disposal has meant for our group not only projecting and managing logistic activities in the company, but also beginning to make available for our customers "structural" opportunities in order to make easier effective production and distribution in right times, and a consequent reduction of the costs, with guarantees on the service level.

Our history: