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From the sharing of the targets and the desire of working according to sound principles, in 2007 is born B&C Swiss SA, society composed by a team that boasts a twenty years experience completed in societies and big groups belonging to the transports, warehouse logistics and customs practices sector.
By the end of 2008 it has become part of the Gruppo FBH, choice that allowed B&C Swiss to insert with its own know-how in the synergies of an important group, by exploiting them in an excellent manner in order to be at the service of each ring of the Supply Chain. Being at the service of the Supply Chain Management means for our group not only design and manage logistic activities of pick and pack, sometime complex, but also place at our customers’ disposal optimal structural opportunities that promote production, the consolidation and the distribution of products assigned us, guaranteeing at the same time punctuality of deliveries, reduction of costs and respect of the agreed services levels.

B&C Swiss has the most advanced computer systems and has obtained the authorization to execute all the customs procedures in a simple way at its own warehouse, as bonded warehouse (BW).